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All Purpose Water Cleaner


Treats 10 gallons

An All-Natural Pond Cleaner

Step 1 Dispenser

Healthy Ponds All Purpose Water Cleaner 10 is safe and natural and will improve and maintain water quality and clarity in bird baths, fish bowls and water features up to 10 gallons. The patented time-release system is designed to deliver a proprietary blend of natural bacteria and enzymes into the water continuously, over a 15-day period, to consume excess nutrients and eliminate odor.

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All Purpose Water Cleaner (52200, 52201)

Water may take on a cloudy appearance for the first few days, while bacteria begin to work. Every water feature is different and correcting water problems, naturally, occurs with time and continued use, therefore results may vary. This easy to use product is veterinarian approved and safe for fish, plants, birds, animals, pets or people. This product includes 2 15-day treatments for up to 10 gallons.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Gallons to Treat

10 Gallon

Package Options

2 Pack, 6 Pack

Contents: Two disposable dispensers (use 1 dispenser per 15 day treatment)

ALL PURPOSE WATER CLEANER 10 – 6 pack (52201)
Contents: Six disposable dispensers (use 1 dispenser per 15 day treatment)

For best results, start with a clean water feature.

  1. Place one dispenser under a small rock in the center of the water feature.
  2. Store extra dispenser in a cool, dry place.
  3. Replace dispenser every 15 days.


  • Water features that are refilled often may require higher dosages for desired results.
  • Do not undertreat water; overtreatment is safe and will yield optimal results.
  • Once wet, do not allow bacteria in dispenser to become dried out.
  • For season-long care, water temperatures should be between 45°-110° F.
  • For hard to treat water features over 5 gallons, sprinkle a small amount of Healthy Ponds® Blast (60008, 60009) from an opened bacteria pack, into the water as a boost treatment.
  • To increase dosage or treat larger water features, add multiple dispensers or 10-100 gallon products (52210, 52250).
  • Do not use in conjunction with chemicals.
  • Recycle or dispose of used dispensers in a sanitary landfill.


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