Healthy Pond Treatment Blog


Pond Management: Before & After Treatment

If your pond looks a bit like the picture above, you aren’t alone. This is a before picture from one of our Healthy Ponds clients, and our pond management products helped transform their pond water from murky and covered with floating green organic matter to this: But...

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Algae Control 101: Tips For A Healthy Pond

Algae growth is a common issue in water features of all sizes, from small garden ponds up to our oceans. Fortunately, while it might seem like an insurmountable issue, if you have a pond or small lake, algae control is far easier than it is for large bodies of water,...

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Bioverse Response To COVID-19

Late in 2018, our entire team at Bioverse met to develop the principles that we felt should guide us in doing business.  There were several great ideas, but we whittled away at them to come up with the essence of who we are, who we want to be and how we do business....

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Dr. Connie’s Natural Solutions

A million dollar view isn’t oceanfront, it’s a sweeping sea of green leaves that means your crop is doing well.  The only fences you want are those that keep the animals in and the threats out.  You let your kids write their names in the dust on your truck to show the...

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