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Small Water Feature Treatment

Treat your water feature with safe and all-natural products instead of chemical algaecides.

Smaller Water Feature Problems – Treated All-Naturally

I am looking to clean up my fish bowl, birdbath, or small aquarium.

Healthy Ponds® All Purpose Water Cleaner 10 is a small scale water purification product designed to keep Bird Baths, Fish Bowls and Water Features from 1-10 gallons clean, clear and free of green organic growth.

I am looking to clean up my larger than 10 gallon aquarium, fountain, rain barrel or other water feature.

All Purpose Water Cleaner Reloadable Dispenser is a water maintenance product designed to keep Aquariums, Fountains, Rain Barrels and Water Features from 10 – 100 gallons clean, clear and free of green organic growth. We recommend incorporating Natural Blast into your treatment plan at key times such as; initial treatment, temperature spikes and large rainfalls.

animal water tank

I am looking to clean up my stock tank or other animal water feature.

Our Healthy Ponds Stock Tank Water Cleaner contains a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria that consumes excess nutrients that act as the food source for growth in stock tanks.

any questions

I’m experiencing a problem that isn’t represented on this page.

Maybe you have tried other products and received poor results and not sure what to do. No problem! With years of experience under our belt, our team can help troubleshoot your issue. Please upload a picture of your pond that represents the problem you are experiencing.  Please include your phone number and email address so one of our technicians can get back to you with a treatment plan that gets your pond looking beautiful. You can also call us toll-free at 877-948-0303 or email