Our Safe, All-Natural Products Reduce Unwanted
Green Organic Matter

Looking for a safe, all natural, and easy way to solve common pond issues? Healthy Ponds® helps clean your pond water without the need for chemicals.

Our products are industry leading and used in water sources big and small including golf courses, municipal parks, cranberry bogs, backyard fountains, ponds, and even fish tanks.




We identify the problem, properly dose to correct the problem and we return the water to a safe, all-natural enjoyable state.


We maintain the water quality by recommending safe dosages to continue the achieved water improvement conditions.


We educate the water feature owners to properly manage the improved water quality for long-term enjoyment.


Step 1 AquaSpherePRO

Our spheres provide a 30-day time-release of all-natural beneficial bacteria and enzymes that consumes the excess nutrients in the water to keep it clean and clear of any unwanted green organic growth.

Step 2 Supplements

Our all-natural supplement products help improve the water clarity and quality by safely increasing the beneficial bacteria level in the water quickly, combating excess nutrients both at the top of the water column and bottom. Our supplements are meant to be used in conjunction with the proper dispenser.

Step 3 Pond Dye

Our blue and black dyes improve the aesthetics of your water feature / pond and at the same time keeping water temperatures lower.

child playing in water
Cow Drinking
deer by pond

Healthy Ponds started more than 20 years ago, and was founded on four guiding principles:

  1. All-natural products are a better alternative to chemicals. Our products contain bacteria and enzymes found in nature. We feature biodegradable and reusable products that are comparable in cost to pond chemicals and actually save our customers money over time.
  1. We offer solutions for water problems big and small. We have a variety of all-natural safe solutions to improve water quality and clarity by increasing beneficial bacteria in the water, which consume excess nutrients.
  1. Healthy Ponds’ pond-cleaning products are easy and safe to use. All of our solutions have been designed with ease in mind. Most products are simply applied to the water and replaced monthly. Our all-natural biodegradable products dissolve over time for more effective application and more environmental compatibility.
  1. Healthy Ponds can improve your water. We have an exceptional track record of improving water quality for almost two decades. Healthy Ponds was founded with the mission of creating all-natural safe solutions for common water problems.
Our products help people, animals, and the environment. Today, they’re available across the U.S. and are used to successfully improve water quality in an increasing number of ways and locations.

Check out this Before & After!

Worthington Golf Course treated with the Healthy Ponds all natural products!

Our all-natural products do not kill algae or weeds. The EPA requires that we use careful language when defining the effects of our all-natural products vs algaecides/chemicals. If you have questions regarding the descriptions/definitions, please contact us.