Reduce Aquatic Vegetation With Blue and Black Pond Dyes

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Blue and black pond dyes improve the aesthetics and health of your pond by preventing sunlight penetration in turn reducing aquatic vegetation, while keeping the water temperatures cooler.

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Pond water colorants are essential to the ongoing health of your pond once water clarity has been achieved with the help of other Healthy Ponds products. Our blue and black dyes for ponds will effectively shade the water and limit sunlight penetration, reducing excess nutrients.

Our easy-to-use granules and water-soluble bags are ideal for ponds, lakes, and golf courses. And they’re made from certifiable food-grade quality dyes that are safe for fish, pets, and people.

Within 24 hours of applying our blue or black pond dye, the water will take on a beautiful appearance and help make your other Healthy Ponds products more effective.