Small Water Features

Small-Water Dispensers

Patented time-release devices that continuously introduce a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria for 30 days, which consumes excess nutrients.

If you’re looking for an all-natural way to reduce green organic matter, consider Healthy Ponds Products. Our all-natural solutions clean pond water without the use of harmful chemicals.

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Each dispenser has a patented time-release system that delivers a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes into the water 24 hours a day for 30 days, and consume excess nutrients.

All AquaSpherePRO products are eco-friendly, veterinarian approved, and safe for fish, plants, birds, and people. Plus, they reduce the need for pond chemicals.

Correcting water problems naturally occurs with time and continued use. Some waters will respond more quickly than others due to their specific water conditions, but over time the bacteria and enzymes will work to control green organic matter found in your water. We recommend a 3-month treatment to fully allow the bacteria and enzymes to go to work.



Our all-natural products do not kill algae or weeds. The EPA requires that we use careful language when defining the effects of our all-natural products vs algaecides/chemicals. If you have questions regarding the descriptions/definitions, please contact us.