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Pond & Water Feature Cleaners

Improve the clarity, quality, and odor of your pond with safe and all-natural solutions.

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Small Water Features

Ponds & Small Lakes

Pond treatments as easy as 1-2-3!

Easily treat water problems of all sizes with our three-step process

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Step 1 Dispensers

Our time-release devices continuously introduce a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria for 30 days, which consumes excess nutrients.

supplements for water treatment

Step 2 Supplements

Start working immediately to increase the beneficial bacteria count in water, which consumes excess nutrients. Supplements are more beneficial when used in conjunction with dispensers.


Step 3 Colorants

Improve the aesthetics and health of your pond by limiting sunlight penetration and keeping water cooler. Begin to use after water shows improvement from the use of dispensers and supplements.

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