While a pond can be a fantastic water feature on any property, sometimes the water just doesn’t have that beautiful sparkle you want. Adding pond dye can be an easy way to improve the look of your pond and with our Healthy Ponds pond dye, you should start to see an improvement as soon as 24 hours after application.


Pond Dye Benefits

Adding pond dye has two main benefits. Pond dye improves the aesthetic of your pond water and while improving the look of your water is always a bonus, pond dye also can help keep pond water cooler. Adding pond dye during the hot summer months can be a great way to reduce the temperature of your pond water.


Which Pond Dye Color Is Best?

At Healthy Ponds, we offer both blue and black pond dye. Both options will improve the look of your water and help keep the water temperatures down, so it really comes down to your personal preference.


Blue is a popular choice for ponds that are in open grassy areas. Blue pond dye reflects the sky and brightens up the surrounding lawn. Black pond dye typically is the most popular choice for golf courses, as it turns the water into a beautiful reflective surface and looks more natural in a golf course setting. Black pond dye also can be a great option for ponds in wooded locations. But, again, either color will improve the look of your pond water.


Is Pond Dye Safe?

Our Healthy Ponds dyes are safe for fish, pets and people. Whether you swim in your pond, enjoy fishing in your pond or have livestock that uses the pond as a water source, pond dye is safe. We do recommend that you wear gloves when applying pond dye, as the dye can stain your skin. It’s also smart to protect your clothing or simply wear old clothes and shoes when adding the dye.


How To Use Pond Dye

Adding pond dye is simple, and we have two application options – granules or water-soluble bags. For smaller water features, from about 2,500 gallons up to 250,000 gallons, we recommend the granules.

We offer two sizes of granules, a 2.6-ounce jar for smaller water features and a quart-size bottle of pourable granules. With the small jar, each level spoonful of pond dye granules treats 2,500 gallons, so if you have a 5,000-gallon pond, use two level spoonfuls. If you have a 250,000-gallon pond, you will want to add the contents of the entire container.

With quart-size pond dye, one-half tablespoon treats 50,000 gallons. So, if the pond contains 300,000 gallons, you will need to add 3 tablespoons in all. The granules disperse best when they are applied upwind.


For larger ponds, with more than 500,000 gallons, we have water-soluble bags available that you toss gently into your pond. One water-soluble bag treats 500,000 gallons. This means if your pond has 1,000,000 gallons, you will need to toss in two bags. Be sure to distribute the bags evenly when using multiple bags.


When Should You Use Pond Dye?

Pond dye improves the look of your pond water, but it doesn’t fix water quality issues. If you have a pond with an abundance of floating green organic matter or a heavy sludge layer or odors, pond dye not only won’t fix these issues, but you also need to improve the quality of your water before applying the pond dye.


At Healthy Ponds, we recommend several products to keep your pond water healthy and looking its best. We recommend using a monthly treatment of AquaSpherePRO®, which is an all-natural beneficial bacteria treatment for ponds. You simply toss the biodegradable spheres into the water, and they sink to the bottom of your pond and begin releasing bacteria.


These beneficial bacteria consume excess nutrients in your pond, helping to reduce floating organic matter and sludge. Each sphere releases bacteria for 30 days and then you simply add new spheres to continue your treatment.


AquaSpherePRO® is an excellent pond maintenance product and can prevent many common pond water quality issues from occurring. However, if your pond already is stagnant or covered with an abundance of floating green organic matter or has a deep sludge layer, you will need to accelerate the decomposition of this matter with additional bacteria treatments.


For these additional treatments, we have several other products that we recommend including Natural BLAST® and RUSH®, which can help you resolve many common pond water quality issues. Natural BLAST® is an excellent product to add to your pond at the beginning of your warmest season. Natural BLAST® also should be added to your pond after a significant rain event or a sudden temperature spike as it can prevent the rapid accumulation of floating organic matter.


For severe issues, such as a stagnant or heavily matted pond, applying several applications of RUSH® is recommended. AquaSpherePRO®, Natural BLAST® and RUSH® are all-natural, veterinarian-approved and safe for fish, wildlife, livestock, pets and people.


Once your pond water issues have been remediated, then it would be a good time to add pond dye to further improve the aesthetics of your pond.  Again, you should notice an improvement in the look of your water within about 24 hours of adding pond dye.


Our easy-to-use pond products can help you transform your pond into a stunning water feature, but most importantly, these products can improve the quality of your water. If you have any questions about our pond dye or any of our pond maintenance products, contact us at any time. We also offer free personalized treatment plans for any size water feature at https://healthyponds.com/free-pond-plan/.

Our all-natural products do not kill algae or weeds. The EPA requires that we use careful language when defining the effects of our all-natural products vs algaecides/chemicals. If you have questions regarding the descriptions/definitions, please contact us.