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Pond Herbicide

SePRO Nautique is a fast-acting, economical contact pond herbicide that provides localized pondweed control with no water-use or irrigation restrictions. Nautique will control all vegetation that it is sprayed over the top of and onto. It’s the best product available if fast knock down of nuisance aquatic vegetation is your goal.

Nautique’s copper-based formula, the most concentrated chelated copper formula available, works on contact for spot and local treatment of tough weeds like hydrilla, Egeria, and southern naiad. Able to control a variety of submersed, floating, and emergent aquatic weeds, Nautique is ideal for use in slow-moving water bodies such as non-irrigation golf course or ornamental ponds.

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Performance of Nautique is enhanced under certain conditions. It is recommended to consult a SePRO aquatic Specialist for guidance in implementing a treatment program to achieve optimal results. The following apply to the use of Nautique to achieve optimum effectiveness:
– Treat when growth first begins to appear (if possible) or when target vegetation and algae are actively growing.
– Apply in a manner that will ensure even distribution of chemical within the treatment area.
– Aquatic weeds typically drop below the surface within 3 to 14 days after treatment. The complete results of treatment will be observed 1 to 4 weeks post-treatment in most cases.
– In heavily infested areas a second application may be necessary. Retreat areas if regrowth begins to appear and seasonal control is desired. Repeating application of Nautique too soon after initial application may have no effect.

Technical Specs:
Packaging: 1 gallon container

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Nautique treats the following aquatic wees – American Pondweed, Arrowhead, Clasping-Leaf Pondweed, Coontail, Creeping Water Primrose, Curly-Leaf Pondweed, Dollarweed, Elodea, Eurasian Watermilfoil, Fanwort, Flat-Stemmed Pondweed, Floating-Leaf Pondweed, Horned Pondweed, Hydrilla, Illinois Pondweed, Large-Leaf Pondweed, Maidencane, Naiads, Sago Pondweed, Small Pondweed, Vallisneria, Variable-Leaf Watermilfoil, Water Lettuce and Wild Rice.

Directions For Use

How to Apply:
Nautique Aquatic Herbicide provides effective control of hydrilla, egeria, southern naiad, horned pondweed, and widgeon grass in lakes, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, potable water sources, crop and non-crop irrigation systems (ditches, canals and laterals), fish, golf course, ornamental, swimming and fire ponds, and aquaculture including fish and shrimp. This product rapidly penetrates into the plant tissues. Proper application of this contact product is, therefore, important.

Nautique can be applied directly to actively growing plants as a surface spray or subsurface by holding the spray nozzle under water. For surface or subsurface application, this product may be applied diluted or undiluted, whichever is most suitable to insure uniform coverage of the area to be treated. The activity of this product may be reduced if there is insufficient penetration of light into the water or if plants are covered with silt, scale or algae.Aquatic plants will usually drop below the surface within 4-7 days after treatment. The complete results of treatment will be observed in 3-4 weeks in most cases. In heavily infested areas a second application may be necessary after 10-12 weeks. Repeating application of this product too soon after initial application may have no effect.

Use the lower rates for treating shallow water and the higher rates for treating deeper water and heavier infestation. Surface applications may be made from shore into shallow water along the shoreline. Nautique may be applied directly or tank mixed with water. For subsurface plants, applications should be made below the water surface by holding the spray nozzle below the surface of the water.

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