How to Clean a Water Feature

Maintaining a water feature is essential for preserving its visual charm and utility. In this article, we show you how to clean your water feature.

How do you clean an outdoor water feature?

Cleaning an outdoor water feature involves simple steps to ensure fresh water and a pristine appearance. 

  1. Remove Debris: Remove debris and leaves regularly to prevent clogging and water stagnation.
  2. Scrub the Surface: Use a soft brush or cloth to gently scrub away any algae or mineral deposits on the surface.
  3. Apply Cleaning Agent: For deeper cleaning, especially in more prominent features, use a specialized cleaning agent that is safe for outdoor use to help dissolve stubborn grime and buildup.
  4. Rinse and Refill: Rinse thoroughly and refill the feature with clean water, maintaining its allure and functionality.

Check out our water feature cleaners and refills to keep your water feature clean naturally. 

Expert Tip: For best results, don’t undertreat your water feature.

How do you clean algae off a water feature?

Algae growth is a common issue in water features, but with the right approach, it can be controlled. 

  1. Remove Algae Manually: Begin by removing as much of the algae as possible.
  2. Use Algaecide: For persistent algae, apply a suitable algaecide designed for water features. Ensure the product is safe for wildlife or plants in or around the water.
  3. Follow Product Instructions: Apply the product according to the instructions for the best results.
  4. Maintain Regularly: Regular maintenance, such as water changes and using algaecides, will keep your water feature clear and algae-free.

Can you run vinegar through an outdoor fountain?

Vinegar is a safe and natural option for cleaning an outdoor water fountain. Its acidic nature helps break down mineral deposits and algae without harming the environment or aquatic life. 

  1. Mix the Cleaning Solution: Combine equal parts water and white vinegar to create your cleaning solution.
  2. Run and Soak: Run the solution through the fountain system and let it sit for a few hours to break down mineral deposits and algae effectively.
  3. Scrub and Rinse: If necessary, scrub gently to remove any remaining buildup, then rinse thoroughly with fresh water to ensure no vinegar solution is left behind.

Vinegar cleans and naturally balances the water’s pH level, preventing future algae growth and maintaining the beauty and health of your water feature.

Should I put bleach in my water feature?

Using bleach in a water feature is a method to control algae and sanitize the water, but one must exercise caution. Bleach is potent and can harm plants, animals, and the material of the water feature if misused. 

If you choose to use bleach, dilute it significantly (a few drops per gallon of water) and ensure no wildlife could be affected. After the bleach treatment, always rinse the feature thoroughly and refill it with fresh water. 

Expert Tip: Using bleach sparingly and only as a last resort is advisable when other, gentler methods are ineffective.

By following these guidelines and understanding your water feature’s specific needs, you can maintain a clean and vibrant focal point in your outdoor space. 

Remember, we design our water feature treatment plans to help you effortlessly care for your water feature, ensuring it remains a beautiful and healthy part of your landscape.

Environmental and Safety Notes

At Healthy Ponds, we’re committed to the beauty and functionality of your water features and the health of our planet and its inhabitants. Our all-natural treatment solutions are designed with the environment in mind, ensuring that your water feature remains a haven for wildlife and pets.

Our commitment to safety and sustainability means you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your choices help protect our planet for future generations.

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