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Keeping your pond free of weeds is essential for the health and beauty of your pond. Weeds can clog filters, reduce oxygen levels, and compete with beneficial plants and animals.

Healthy Ponds carries a line of algaecides and herbicides that effectively control pond weeds and algae. These chemicals are not to be confused with Healthy Ponds’s all-natural products. These Healthy Ponds products are not classified as algaecides.

Our pond chemical products provide effective solutions for killing algae and aquatic weeds. They are carefully selected for optimal compatibility with our all-natural products. 

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These pond algaecide chemicals were carefully selected, and are most compatible with our all-natural pond cleaning products.

Algae growth is a common issue in water features of all sizes, from small garden ponds up to our lakes, and oceans.

Types of Pond Algae & Pond Weed

Duckweed, Coontails, Cattails, Watermeal, American Pondweed, Curly-Leaf Pondweed, Clasping-Leaf Pondweed, Flat-Stemmed Pondweed, Floating-Leaf Pondweed, Horned Pondweed, Illinois Pondweed, Large-Leaf Pondweed, Sago Pondweed, Small Pondweed, Muskgrass, Chara, Eurasian Watermilfoil, Naiads, White Water Lily.

What Causes Pond Algae Growth?

Several factors can contribute to the growth of pond algae, including:

  • Improper aeration
  • Improper filtration
  • Too many fish
  • Too much sludge & debris
  • Too much sunlight



These treatments simply can kill or mitigate algae, often utilizing copper sulfate or chelated copper. Copper is effective because it basically attaches itself to the algae in your pond and prevents photosynthesis, which causes the algae to die.

It is crucial to use the right pond chemicals to help kill unwanted guests in the pond, and provide a safe and pleasant habitat for your marine life friends.


While certain types of pond bacteria can be harmful to your water, there are all-natural beneficial bacteria that can reduce many common problems such as sludge buildup and the accumulation of floating green organic matter. Our all-natural products are safe for fish, wildlife, livestock, pets and people.

We have all-natural products to prevent algae growth before it becomes a real problem.

Questions we commonly hear:

How can I stop algae growth in my pond. And how can I maintain my pond after?

  1. How to keep algae out of my pond?
  2. Chemicals can kill pond algae, but what comes next?
  3. How to control algae in large ponds?

We have all your algae pond solutions:

  1. Rush can be used lightly to break down the heavy-matted organic matter.
  2. Natural Blast packets are tossed into the pea soup to break down the matter at the top and float to the bottom.
  3. AquaSpherePRO sinks to the bottom and consumes the excess matter.

Pond scum isn’t always easy to diagnose. We can help eliminate, clear and control the algae in your pond.

Healthy Ponds Specialists are here to assist you with your toughest weed issues, and get your pond healthy again. Reach out to see how we can help.


Healthy Ponds has selected specific algaecides that have been effective and compatible with Healthy Ponds water cleaning products. When used together the products improve water quality and can be used for algae control. Natural pond cleaning products from Healthy Ponds are all-natural and are used for maintaining water clarity. You cannot overtreat any pond with our all-natural products. Confirm your pond size below. You can then click on the image to learn more about the product, see size options and choose your quantity. Or click the ‘Add to Cart’ button and add the item(s) directly to your cart. Quantities can be adjusted in your cart as well.

Notice: We cannot ship our chemical pond cleaning products to the following states:
Alaska, California, Connecticut, Maine, New York, New Jersey or Washington.

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