As a pond owner, there are several kinds of pond water treatment products that you can use to improve water quality. At Healthy Ponds, our beneficial bacteria products are one option to consider, and they have several advantages over chemical products, including the following.


  1. Beneficial Bacteria Is All-Natural & Safe

If you want to keep your pond chemical-free, using our beneficial bacteria products as your pond water treatment fulfills that goal. Our all-natural beneficial bacteria contain no chemicals and are veterinarian-approved and safe for fish, wildlife, pets and people.


Once released into your pond, beneficial bacteria consume excess nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. Excess nutrients can lower the oxygen level in your pond water and accelerate the growth of floating green organic matter. The beneficial bacteria consume the nutrients and release the waste as a harmless gas so there is nothing left behind in your pond.


  1. Beneficial Bacteria Can Prevent Pond Problems

Often, a pond water treatment is used to fix a current problem but using beneficial bacteria can prevent many common pond water issues. For instance, we recommend using our all-natural AquaSpherePRO® product as a monthly pond water treatment throughout the year (unless your pond water consistently drops below about 45 degrees for a significant portion of the winter months).


If you do live in a colder climate where pond water treatment isn’t needed all 12 months, we recommend that you toss in a sphere or two before your first freeze. Once the temperatures begin to climb, we also recommend adding Natural BLAST® to your pond in conjunction with AquaSpherePRO® to give your pond a jumpstart into the summer months.


Natural BLAST® and AquaSpherePRO® both contain beneficial bacteria for ponds and can help ensure that your pond water is healthy at the beginning of the warm season, which can make it easier to prevent issues related to rising water temperatures, such as the buildup of floating green organic matter.


  1. Our Pond Water Treatment Products Are Easy-To-Use

While chemicals can be an effective pond water treatment option, it does tend to be a bit more cumbersome to apply chemical products than our beneficial bacteria products. For instance, with our AquaSpherePRO®, you simply toss the biodegradable spheres into your pond, and they immediately begin releasing beneficial bacteria. The spheres release bacteria for 30 days, and then you simply toss in new spheres.


With Natural BLAST® you just toss the water-soluble bags of beneficial bacteria evenly throughout the water (near aeration when possible) and the product will disperse as the packets dissolve. It is recommended that you use Natural BLAST® in conjunction with AquaSpherePRO® for optimum results.


  1. We Have Products For Any Size Water Feature

Whether you have a large pond with more than one million gallons of water or a tiny decorative pond with just 100 gallons, we have a beneficial bacteria product that’s ideal for your water feature. Our clients range from golf course maintenance teams to farmers to homeowners with decorative ponds or fishponds.


However, if you have rain barrels, fountains, stock tanks or even bird baths, aquariums and fishbowls, we have all-natural beneficial bacteria products that can prevent the accumulation of waste and floating organic matter in these small water features.


Additional Pond Maintenance Tips

While using our all-natural pond water treatment products can prevent and solve many common pond issues, we also have a few other recommendations to help keep your pond looking its best.


  1. Install An Aeration System

Circulating the water helps keep oxygen levels stable, especially during hot weather. We recommend installing a filtration or aeration system powerful enough to circulate the water in your pond twice in 24 hours.


  1. Consider Adding A Skimmer

When leaves and other debris make their way into your pond they can sink to the bottom and begin to form a sludge layer, which can cause oxygen layers to drop and cause the rapid accumulation of floating organic matter. You can either skim the pond manually or install an electronic skimmer to filter out some of the leaves and dead matter.


  1. Add A Beneficial Plant Barrier

Runoff from your lawn can introduce nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen into your pond ecosystem. An excess of these nutrients will cause oxygen levels to drop and you’ll likely notice a buildup of floating organic matter. A barrier of beneficial plants around the edge of your pond can prevent some of this runoff from entering the water, and you also can consider using fertilizers that either contain no nitrogen and phosphorus or low amounts.


  1. Monitor Temperatures & Oxygen Levels

Keeping an eye on the oxygen levels and temperature of a pond is crucial, especially in ponds stocked with fish. While you should always monitor temperatures in your pond, this is especially important in the summer months or when temperatures suddenly spike. Acting quickly to increase oxygen levels and prevent fish kills.


Even in ponds without fish, low oxygen levels can cause the rapid buildup of floating organic matter and cause your pond to become stagnant, smelly and unattractive, and this stagnant water will attract dangerous pests such as mosquitoes. Using beneficial bacteria as well as following the tips above can prevent a stagnant pond and keep your pond water healthy throughout even the dog days of summer. You also could consider adding pond dye as this can help lower water temperatures by blocking UV rays, and pond dyes also improve the look of your pond.


Which Pond Water Treatment Product Do You Need?

While we always recommend that pond owners use all-natural products whenever possible, we do have some chemical algaecides and herbicides to help tackle serious algae and weed issues. If you aren’t sure which pond water treatment products are the best fit for your pond, we do offer free personalized pond water treatment plans for any size water feature at

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Why Choose to Autoship?
  • Automatically re-order your favorite products on your schedule.
  • Easily change the products or shipping date for your upcoming Scheduled Orders.
  • Pause or cancel any time.