*Disclaimer: Healthy Ponds® sells a complete line of pond chemicals and from time to time sees the need to recommend them with the goal of transitioning to treating 100% with all-natural. The Healthy Ponds all-natural products are not an algaecide or pesticide and do not kill algae. The following is Healthy Ponds process of keeping pond water clean and free of algae with the intention of ending with an all-natural treatment plan.

As the Northern states start to experience warmer weather and the water temperature starts rising above 45⁰ F, it is time to start thinking about treating your pond. If you’ve experienced cloudy, murky water or had floating green organic matter on your pond last year, now is the best time to introduce Healthy Ponds all-natural products into your pond.

With the Southern states already experiencing the warmer weather, you might be noticing poor water clarity and wonder how to reduce the unwanted organic growth in your pond. It’s important to keep an eye on your pond this time of year and be alert for signs of algae formation.

If you’re starting to notice floating solids that do not break apart as you run your hand through it, or if your formerly clean and clear water is discoloring or starting to look like pea soup, then it’s time to take action.

For either scenario, after you have determined how you are going to start your treatment process, either with chemicals leading to all-natural or starting with all-natural products, Healthy Ponds knows how to keep your pond clean and clear.

Step 1: Toss the dispenser into your pond

Our patented, time-release dispensers deliver a proprietary blend of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes into the water 24 hours a day for 30 days. These bacteria and enzymes consume excess nutrients that act as the food source for unwanted organic growth like pond algae and duckweed.

Best of all these dispensers are biodegradable or recyclable, veterinarian approved, and safe for fish, plants, birds, pets, and people.

Step 2: Add the supplement

Healthy Ponds supplements can be used to eliminate excess nutrients throughout the entire water column, as well as the water surface. They increase water clarity and quality by reducing the food source for unwanted organic matter.

Supplements are particularly helpful when used: to start a new pond, on hot summer days when warmer water temperatures increase the amount of nutrients in the water and after a large rainfall when excess nutrients have been washed into the pond.

Step 3: Add colorant

Once water shows improvement from dispensers and supplements, pond water colorants are essential to the ongoing maintained of your pond. Our blue and black dyes will help keep the water temperature cooler.

Our colorants are safe for fish, plants, birds, pets, and people. And within 24 hours of applying our blue or black pond dye, your water will start looking beautiful again.

So enjoy the warmer weather and make sure your fun in the sun is good clean fun with Healthy Ponds and our all-natural products.

Our simple, all-natural 3-step process treats some of the most common pond water problems, including unwanted green organic matter and stagnant water.

Our all-natural solutions are safe and effective, and our process is as easy as 1-2-3!