Aeration is a topic that we get asked about a lot. Healthy Ponds® creates all-natural products to improve the health and color of your ponds. Our products are all natural, and proper aeration is another way to greatly improve the health of your pond. Plus, all our Healthy Ponds products are perfectly compatible with aeration systems.

Why Ponds Need Aeration

Ponds naturally undergo stress this time of year. As leaves and plant life die and fall to the ground, nutrients gather on the bottom of your pond. This creates pond muck. It is a natural process, but is also important to try and combat the effects of this process. It’s always important to remove as much debris as possible from your pond. Aeration can really help, too.

Aeration decreases problems by increasing oxygen circulation. This movement of water increases the presence of good bacteria. Good bacteria helps slow down the buildup of muck and sludge in the future.

There are a lot of factors that increase the need for aeration. Ponds divide this time of year with melting, rainwater and natural surface changes. Temperatures differ between the “layers” of your pond. All of these effects push water from the bottom to the surface.

This bottom water has little to no oxygen. When it rises, you can see fish death and generally poor pond health. Either are signs of problems that require attention.

How to Aerate a Pond

Pond aeration adds oxygen to the water. Oxygen is good for the health of your ponds. There are many commercial pumps and aerators that help do this. No matter which aeration system you choose, you may also wish to cover the aeration pump in cold weather. Covering the pump in cold weather climates helps to keep it functioning properly. It also reduces loss of fish and maintains a regular water temperature.

You may also choose to use pond heaters. Both heaters and aerators can be useful. Just be sure to use one or the other. Each allows organic compounds to surface and be safely released into the environment. This helps preserve your pond for the coming season. It also gives you peace of mind, knowing our pond products are safe for equipment.

Healthy Ponds and Products for the Winter

Healthy Ponds is here with products that help for all seasons. We also are here to be your trusted source for pond health this winter. For product information or trusted advice from experts who care, contact Healthy PondsWe’re here to make the most of your water features with safe, natural, effective products and sound advice.