A few years ago, Noonan Park in Alexandria, Minnesota had a problem. The center pond feature of their park began showing algae shortly after the winter thaw. The thick brown and green scum covered the pond so quickly, baby ducks actually walked on top of it. Local park goers took note that it was the worst they’d seen, prompting city officials to act. Healthy Ponds has been working with them ever since.

How pond algae starts

There are a lot of contributing factors to pond algae. Temperature, sunlight, decaying plant or fish waste act as fuel for algae. Most algae have pretty simple requirements to live: sunlight, Carbon Dioxide, and nutrients.

In the case of Alexandria, Minnesota, the city turned to the Department of Natural Resources to identify the cause. They suspected the park’s substantial geese population as the cause, bringing algae in when they landed on the water. Dredging was not a great option, as pond sediment is difficult to dispose of properly. That’s when the city met Healthy Ponds’ Mark Koepsell.

Healthy Ponds® proposes natural bacteria solution

As a Healthy Ponds® Golf Course Account Representative, Mark Koepsell knows a pond when he sees one. He took note of the city’s pond problem while visiting their family cabin in Alexandria. He approached with a solution. He informed the city he could clean up their pond problem and make them more appealing to the public.  

Healthy Ponds inspected two of the city’s ponds, suggested a treatment and offered an inexpensive solution. The city noticed considerable improvement after just a couple treatments. 

Prior to Healthy Ponds, our ponds were overgrown. The continued monitoring and treatment of the ponds has made a big difference. We appreciate everything Healthy Ponds has done for us and look forward to working with them into the future.

Bill Thoennes

Director of Parks and Facilities for the City of Alexandria

About Bioverse and Healthy Ponds

Bioverse’s Healthy Ponds offers natural solutions to enhance and clean pond water. Founded in 1995 as a research and development company, the Healthy Ponds team creates safe and innovative ways to improve pond-water quality.

Throughout the years, Healthy Ponds has introduced many advanced water solutions.

By assisting with bioremediation in ponds, lakes, and other types of water both large and small, Bioverse products help bring back the beauty and health of pond and lake water in an environmentally friendly way.

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