Happy Earth Day. We’d like to share some fun facts about this special event and how our natural pond products play a part in benefiting the earth. It truly takes a village to create a cleaner world, and using our beneficial bacteria products is one easy way to make a difference.


Earth Day: A Look Back

Conservationist Rachel Carson once wrote, “man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself.” Carson’s efforts and her groundbreaking book, “Silent Spring,” in 1962 helped spark a huge interest in environmentalism and conservation.


Within just a few years of the book’s publication, the Clean Air Act, Water Quality Act and Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Act were passed by Congress, but despite this progress, incidents such as the Cuyahoga River fire in 1969 demonstrated that much work remained to be done in order to protect the environment and, in turn, protect ourselves.


One of the people willing to do this work was Denis Hayes, a 25-year-old Harvard student. Hayes dropped out of college and, with support from Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, planned a huge teach-in event that would become the first official Earth Day.


On April 22, 1970, more than 20 million people gathered in cities and towns around the United States to participate in this event. Surprisingly one of the biggest supporters of the event was the United Auto Workers union, who paid to print Earth Day materials and paid for the postage. Within just a few months of this event, the Environmental Protection Act was passed, and Hayes continues to fight for environmental protection to this day.


Earth Day is now celebrating more than 50 years as a global event. This year’s Earth Day theme is “Restore Our Earth™,” and this is something we take seriously here at Healthy Ponds. Our natural pond products are designed to restore and balance pond water without harming the pond ecosystem.


Here are some fun ways to celebrate Earth Day with your family. Plant a tree in your yard or get started with a small garden. Head to a local farmers’ market and enjoy a meal prepared with local, organic produce. Make a list of ways your family can reduce their plastic use or conserve water or energy.  Of course, you also can make the switch from pond chemicals to natural pond products, such as ours.


Changing The World One Natural Pond At A Time

In 1995, Healthy Ponds was founded as a research and development company. Our goal was to create safe and innovative ways to improve pond-water quality. It took several years of formulation, testing and approvals, but we released our first line of natural pond products in 1999.


Our products contain a proprietary mix of beneficial bacteria and enzymes. These bacteria and enzymes consume excess nutrients in the water, such as floating green organic matter as well as the muck and sludge that collects at the bottom of many ponds.


The components in our dispensers and supplements contain bacteria and enzymes found in nature. We also feature biodegradable and reusable products. Additionally, our products are comparable in cost to pond chemicals and actually save our customers money over time.


Most importantly, we have an exceptional track record of improving water quality for almost two decades, including serious water quality issues. Our natural pond products are easy to use and safe for people, pets and wildlife, including the fish and other creatures that call your pond water home.


Easy Steps To A Natural Pond

Our AquaSpsherePRO® contains beneficial bacteria that are released into your pond over the course of 30 days. You simply toss the biodegradable spheres into the water they immediately begin to work and consume excess nutrients.


In some cases, of course, your pond water might need some additional help. Perhaps the water is already stagnant or a sudden spike in temperatures or excessive rainfall has disturbed the balance in your pond. Our products Natural Blast® and Rush® can mitigate issues, such as a stagnant pond. We also offer pond colorant, which not only improve the look of your water but also can help keep temperatures down.


We offer natural pond products for small and large ponds, as well as koi ponds, fountains, stock tanks, rain barrels, birdbaths and even aquariums. We offer free personalized treatment plans for any size water feature at  https://healthyponds.com/free-pond-plan/. If you have any questions about treatment or our natural pond products, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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