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What is Algae and How Can You Avoid It?

We’ve all heard the term algae. But what exactly is algae? And why is maintaining healthy water the best way to avoid algae? If you’re a water feature lover, you’ve probably seen algae. If you have stock ponds on your property, you’ve likely seen it too. How do you...

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A Guide to Fall and Winter Pond Care

You’ve enjoyed your pond all summer. But every season offers a new challenge to pond care. A pond with fish and plant life requires extra care in the fall. Taking the time to do a few simple things will also help winterize your pond. Healthy Ponds®...

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Calculate Pond Size Using Google Earth Pro

Determining pond size is essential for proper pond treatment. It’s easy to under use treatment products when you don’t know your pond size in total gallons. Healthy Ponds® advises all of our clients to determine their pond size with this simple formula. But did you...

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