As you know, the AquaSpherePRO is a great monthly maintenance for year round pond care as long as the water temperatures stay above 45 degrees.

As summer temperatures start to cool off and fall settles in, keep in mind that the temperature at the bottom of the pond, where the AquaSpherePRO lies, is still warm. The air temperature may be getting colder but the lower layers of water remain warmer.  This serves an important function for the survival of aquatic life during different seasons.

During the winter, warmer layers at the bottom of the pond allow fish and plants to survive the cold weather. At Healthy Ponds we recommend to put a treatment of AquaSpherePRO’s in one last time in the fall to keep the pond healthy for winter. Cooler water eventually slows down the activity of the bacteria but it sure doesn’t hurt anything to have that one last treatment in.

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