When it comes to cleaning, using natural products is usually the best option, and pond cleaners are no exception. At Healthy Ponds, we have several all-natural products that can prevent or correct many common pond water issues. If you haven’t used our products before, here are a few quick facts about Healthy Ponds and our natural pond cleaners.


  1. We Started As An R&D Company

Healthy Ponds’ headquarters are located in the small town of Worthington, Minnesota, and, as you probably know, Minnesota is known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” and there are actually more than 11,800 lakes in our fair state. This is more than any other state.


With so many lakes and ponds, it’s easy to understand why a group of Minnesotans decided to start a research and development company (way back in 1995) dedicated to the goal of creating safe and innovative ways to improve pond water quality. After several years of work, we introduced our first line of natural pond cleaners in 1999 and we continue to introduce new, innovative products to help keep pond water and other water features as healthy as possible.


  1. Our Pond Cleaners Contain Beneficial Bacteria

Rather than chemicals, our all-natural pond cleaners utilize the power of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria consume excess nutrients in your pond, and if you own a pond, you know that excess nutrients in a pond can cause an assortment of problems. Excess nutrients can lead to the rapid accumulation of floating organic matter and cause oxygen levels in your pond to drop.


Our natural pond products, such as the AquaSpherePRO®, Natural BLAST® and RUSH®, contain a proprietary mix of beneficial bacteria for ponds. Once applied to your pond water, these bacteria immediately get to work, consuming excess nutrients at the surface and even at the sludge layer of your pond. If you have a pond with a thick sludge layer, our products can be an effective solution for this problem.


  1. We Recommend Using A Combination Of Natural Pond Cleaners

Our three main natural pond cleaners – AquaSpherePRO®, Natural BLAST® and RUSH® all use beneficial bacteria to consume excess nutrients, but each product has its own special features, and you may need to use a combination of products to achieve the best results.


The AquaSpherePRO®, for example, is meant to be used as a monthly preventative treatment. Each biodegradable sphere releases our proprietary mix of beneficial bacteria for 30 days and then you simply add new spheres.


While The AquaSpherePRO® can prevent many pond water issues, we recommend keeping a supply of Natural BLAST® on hand. Natural BLAST® can be added to your pond at the start of your warm season or any time you experience a significant rain event or when temperatures suddenly spike. Natural BLAST® also can be used whenever you notice a small amount of floating green organic matter at the surface of your pond.


RUSH® improves water quality in stagnant ponds by eliminating heavily matted, floating organic matter on the surface of the pond. This accelerates the decomposition of floating organic matter. Both Natural BLAST® and RUSH® can be used in conjunction with AquaSpherePRO® for optimum results.


  1. Our Products Are Easy To Use

Pond maintenance can seem like a daunting task, but we make it as easy as possible. With our AquaSpherePRO® pond cleaners, our customers simply toss the biodegradable spheres into their pond every 30 days and that’s the extent of the work. With Natural BLAST®, you also just toss the water-soluble bags evenly throughout the water (near aeration when possible). The product will disperse as the packets dissolve.


With RUSH®, you simply sprinkle or disperse the product over the surface of your pond. While this takes a few minutes longer than simply tossing in a sphere or a water-soluble bag, the procedure is still quick and easy. If you do have a large fish population, we recommend reducing the dosage by 50% and treating the affected area every 2-3 days as this will help keep oxygen levels steadier.


In general, ponds with floating organic matter experience lower water oxygen levels and this level can decrease further as the floating matter decomposes, which is why we recommended lowering the dosage in ponds stocked with heavy fish populations. If you have any questions about how to use this product, especially in ponds stocked with fish, don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time. Additionally, RUSH® should be used in conjunction with AquaSpherePRO® for the best results.


With any pond, we also highly recommend that you install a pond aeration system. This type of system circulates your water, which helps to disperse beneficial bacteria, but aeration also helps to keep oxygen levels steady and reduces the temperature of the water during the warmest times of the year. Typically, we recommend that you install a bottom diffusion system, although, for shallow ponds, a surface aeration system, such as a fountain might be adequate. You need a system strong enough to circulate all of the water in your pond twice in 24 hours.


  1. Our All-Natural Products Are Veterinarian-Approved

If you have a pond stocked with fish, our all-natural pond cleaners are safe and veterinarian-approved for fish (including koi) as well as wildlife, pets and people. The All-natural pond cleaners also are safe for all aquatic plants and the plants that buffer your pond. One of our company owners is, in fact, a veterinarian, so you can rest assured that our products are safe for all creatures great and small.


  1. We Have Products For Any Size Water Feature

While we have natural pond cleaners suitable for ponds and small lakes, we also formulate our products to meet the needs of customers with smaller water features. We have products suitable for fountains, stock tanks and small decorative ponds and koi ponds as well as for birdbaths, rain barrels and even aquariums and fishbowls.


Whether you have a water feature with just a gallon of water or several million gallons, we have natural pond treatment products that can prevent or mitigate many common water quality issues. We also have natural products for septic systems, lawns, gardens and even a compost accelerator, which you can find on our homepage under the Backyard Natural Solutions tab.


To learn more about our pond cleaners, you can look under the Products tab on our homepage. If you are having any pond water issues presently, we also offer free personalized pond treatment plans for any size water feature at https://healthyponds.com/free-pond-plan/.

Our all-natural products do not kill algae or weeds. The EPA requires that we use careful language when defining the effects of our all-natural products vs algaecides/chemicals. If you have questions regarding the descriptions/definitions, please contact us.