Pond colorants or pond dyes are important to keeping a nice blue pond. They are also an essential third step to your pond’s health. Using colorants correctly maintains the color of your pond and improves the beauty of your water feature.

How Dyes and Colorants Work

Many people think pond colorants or dyes are just cosmetic. But Healthy Ponds® colorant products also help to keep water temperatures cooler. 

Our colorants are safe to use in ponds, lakes, golf course ponds, farm ponds, fish hatcheries and aquascapes.

Our black colorant or dyes are especially popular with golf courses. They turn the water into a reflective surface that looks natural in a course setting.

Application of Healthy Ponds colorant is safe and easy. But be sure to accurately measure the size of your pond. Use length x width x depth in feet, then multiply by 7.5. This will determine how much product you require. Our colorant products can be used on water features 2,500 gallons and above.

Colorants Alone are Not Enough

Dyes and colorants should be used after you’ve established good pond health.

Healthy Ponds uses a 3-step process to achieve optimal pond health:

  • Step one uses biodegradable dispensers to add beneficial bacteria to the water.
  • Step two uses supplements to work in conjunction with dispensers. This beneficial bacteria consumes excess nutrients.
  • Finally, step three is the dispersion of black or blue colorants.

It’s important to note all of our products are all natural. You don’t have to worry about over treating. And in many cases, over treating is recommended.

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