Whether your property features a pond or you manage a pond for a golf course or community, finding natural pond solutions is always your best bet. At Healthy Ponds, we’ve created a mix of products designed to mitigate many common pond issues, but first, let’s talk a bit about stagnant water.

Stagnant water is a common problem for pond owners, and it can lead to serious problems quickly. Stagnant water has low dissolved levels of oxygen, which can lead to fish kills. The rapid growth of floating green organic matter is another common issue related to a stagnant pond. Additionally, stagnant ponds can emit foul odors and serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Preventing Stagnant Water & Other Common Issues
Using a monthly treatment with beneficial bacteria for ponds also can help ward off water from becoming stagnant. Our AquaSpherePRO® is chemical-free and contains a proprietary mix of beneficial bacteria. You simply toss in enough spheres to accommodate the approximate number of gallons in your pond.

Once the biodegradable spheres have been tossed into your pond, they sink to the bottom and begin releasing beneficial bacteria into the pond. Each sphere time releases bacteria into the pond for up to 30 days. After 30 days, you simply add more spheres to the pond.

Monthly treatment is needed in some areas of the country throughout the year, while others need only six or eight months of treatment. We recommend that you treat pond water when the water temperature is 45° F or higher.

Additionally, skimming excess leaves and debris out of your pond can improve the water quality and also help prevent a sludge layer from growing at the bottom of your pond. Sludge is a common pond problem, and this is a build-up of leaves, grass and debris, as well as fish waste. Runoff from your yard also might introduce chemicals and fertilizers into the pond, which can add to the sludge layer.

Beneficial bacteria can help reduce this sludge layer, but we also recommend that you do all you can to prevent grass and runoff from entering the pond. Dispose of cut grass and plant a buffer of beneficial plants around the edge of your pond. This can block runoff and protect the shoreline from erosion.

How To Treat Stagnant Water
Of course, if your pond is already stagnant or has an excess of floating green organic matter and is in danger of becoming stagnant, you need pond solutions that can quickly mitigate the problem.

For instance, our Natural Blast® is an ideal product to use if you notice a sudden acceleration in the growth of organic floating material on your pond. This often is caused by large rain even or a spike in temperatures. Natural Blast® can and should be used in conjunction with AquaSpherePRO®.

You cannot over treat a pond with beneficial bacteria, but you can undertreat the water, so it’s important to apply the correct amount of product to accommodate the number of gallons in your pond. If you are unsure how many gallons you need to treat, head to https://healthyponds.com/treatment-plan/, and use our pond treatment calculator.

If your pond has heavily matted, floating organic matter on the surface, we recommend that you treat the water with Rush®. This product enhances the nutrient-consumption activity of beneficial bacteria, accelerating the decomposition of floating organic matter. This also should be used in conjunction with the AquaSpherePRO®

Using beneficial bacteria for ponds can prevent and solve many common pond issues, and these pond solutions can be used in combination with an aeration system.

Our all-natural, beneficial bacteria products contain no chemicals. The products are veterinarian-approved and safe for fish, wildlife, pets and people. In addition to our products for ponds and small lakes, we have beneficial bacteria products for koi ponds and small garden ponds, as well as fountains, birdbaths, stock tanks, rain barrels and other water features.

If you want to learn more about our natural and easy pond solutions, simply head to our homepage and click the “Start Your Treatment” tab. If you have any questions about our products or are experiencing a pond issue that doesn’t seem to be listed on the treatment page, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email.

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