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Autoship Program

Are you interested in monthly deliveries and discounts for pond treatment? Beginning April 1, 2018, when you purchase a Healthy Pond’s Autoship plan, we’ll automatically ship your selected treatment product(s) to you each month for easy, ongoing maintenance. You’ll also automatically receive 10% off your autoship purchase just for being an autoship customer! To thank you for your loyalty, after your 10th autoship purchase, you will receive 15% off plus free shipping on your next order and all orders going forward.

Transaction Discount
First Purchase 10% Off
After No. 10 15% Off Plus Free Shipping

Please note: Transactions do not have to be conducted within the same 12-month period of time. Customers are responsible for suspending and re-activating their automatic shipments.

Have any additional questions about the Healthy Ponds customer Autoship program? Or are you curious how close you are to receiving your next autoship discount? Call our customer service at 877-948-0303, Monday-Friday 8-5 CST. Or send us an email at

The following products are available for Autoship: