While a pond can be an amazing water feature for any property, it does require some maintenance, especially when the weather is warm. Fortunately, we know a few tools and tricks that can help you keep your pond water as pristine as possible. Here are a few tools we recommend, as well as some treatment options.

  1. The Pond Skimmer

A heavy-duty pond skimmer is definitely a crucial pond cleaning tool.  A lightweight pool skimmer might work for a small koi pond, but for larger water features, we highly recommend that you opt for a heavy-duty pond skimmer. These are sometimes just called pond nets, and it can be wise to invest in two types of nets.

A basic heavy-duty skimmer net can be used to skim leaves and debris off the surface of your pond. There are also nets designed to help you remove sludge, which can be a huge problem in ponds. You also will want to invest in a heavy-duty pole as well, and these usually extend to about five feet in length.

  1. Pond Weed Cutters

There are a few different types of aquatic weed cutters out there on the market. Some look a bit like rakes, while others have two blades that fan out in opposite directions. Typically, though, we recommend treating the water as well as removing the weeds manually. We have many different treatments to help prevent or abate various types of weeds as well as many types of floating organic matter.

  1. The Pond Rake

The rake is the ideal pond cleaning tool to use after you’ve cut a bunch of weeds with your weed cutter, and pond rakes also can be used to remove muck and organic floating matter from your pond.

It is recommended that you rake around the edge of your pond, but these rakes also often include a length of rope so that you can toss it out into the middle of the pond and haul in organic matter that has accumulated in other areas or, again, those weeds you cut up with your weed rake.

Typically, muck and floating material gather around the edge of the pond first, simply because the water is shallow and the temperatures are higher. Organic material accumulates faster in warmer water and the middle of your pond tends to be cooler, simply because it has a greater depth.

Still, floating matter, leaves and other debris certainly do find their way into the middle of the pond, and you must remove it as quickly as possible to preserve the water quality. You also can use a pond rake to rake and maintain and beautify the sand at the edge of your pond.

  1. Pond Vacuums

For smaller ponds, a pond vacuum can be a very handy tool helping you remove muck, weeds and other debris. There are many different types of vacuums, so you will need to do some research to determine which type of vacuum is the best option for your size and type of pond.

With large ponds and lakes, a vacuum probably isn’t going to be much of a help. If muck and sediment are building up at the bottom of your pond or lake, it might be worth the expense to hire a company to come out and dredge the lake.

  1. Aerators

Aerators can go a long way toward improving the health of pond water. Aerators keep your pond from becoming stagnant, and stagnant ponds are breeding grounds for floating organic matter, odors and mosquitos. Some aerators also can keep oxygen levels steady during the winter months when ponds in colder regions tend to freeze near the surface.

There are two basic types of aerators – surface aerators and bottom diffusion aerators. Surface aerators, such as a fountain, can be an attractive option for a shallower pond. If you have a deeper pond, a bottom diffusion aerator is a better choice. However, a bottom diffusion aerator can be used for deep or shallow ponds, and they tend to be less expensive to operate. There are even wind-powered and solar-powered options.

The idea behind both types of aerators is to circulate the water in your pond and keep those oxygen levels up. Aerators also reduce the buildup of floating organic matter and weeds. These machines go a long way toward preventing issues in your pond, and, of course, can reduce the amount of work it takes to keep your pond water healthy.

Beneficial Bacteria Can Help

The first four pond cleaning tools in our list typically help you deal with issues that are already a problem. Aeration can help you avoid many of these problems, such as sludge buildup and the growth of floating organic matter. Adding beneficial bacteria can help reduce these issues even further, and it’s one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to keep your pond water healthy.

We have several products, such as our AquaSphere®PRO, that release carefully formulated strains of beneficial bacteria into your water. Toss in some of these biodegradable spheres and they immediately go to work, eating away at sludge and excess organic matter. These spheres work for up to 30 days and then you simply add more spheres to keep the water fresh and balanced. The bacteria we use are safe for fish, wildlife, pets and humans.

In some areas of the country, where the water temperatures remain above about 45 degrees throughout the year, we recommend bacteria treatments throughout the year. Some areas only need six or eight months of treatment, as the water temperature drops below a level that causes organic floating matter to grow.

During the warmer months, we also recommend that you have a supply of Natural Blast® on hand. This product also contains beneficial bacteria and can give your water an extra boost whenever it might be needed.

Natural Blast® can be used in conjunction with the AquaSphere®PRO as a supplement whenever the AquaSphere®PRO might need a bit of help. For instance, at the start of warmer seasonal temperatures, after a large rainfall or perhaps after a sudden temperature spike, adding Natural Blast® to a pond can abate and prevent floating organic matter and reduce odors.

Which Pond Cleaning Treatment Is Right For You?

We have an assortment of products that use beneficial bacteria to maintain your pond or lake. While the AquaSphere®PRO is an ideal pond maintenance product for monthly use, you may be experiencing pond issues that need further treatment.

To learn which products might be the best fit for your pond cleaning needs, you can head to our homepage and click the Start Your Treatment tab. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can discuss the issues you are facing with your pond or lake.

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Why Choose to Autoship?
  • Automatically re-order your favorite products on your schedule.
  • Easily change the products or shipping date for your upcoming Scheduled Orders.
  • Pause or cancel any time.