Proactive pond care means tackling pond problems before they arise. Being proactive may sound like a lot of work and upkeep to keeping a healthy pond but in reality it doesn’t require a lot of work.  That may mean different things to different people depending on the type of budget you are working with. It may be something as simple as putting a colorant into your pond or putting in an aeration system. 

Treating a pond problem once it arises can be more of a headache than some people know. Spraying a chemical to kill off the weeds and algae sounds like a quick fix but it really creates more issues. What happens is the decaying matter sinks to the bottom of the pond and breakdown. What it is doing is turning the bottom of the pond into muck, that in turn creates more weed and algae problems in the future. 

Being proactive about treating ponds before the problems arise, does not need to be complex, it can be as simple as the use of colorants or beneficial bacteria. You may still need the aid of a chemical but with the use of these other tools, the likelihood of having to do so greatly decreases. The use of beneficial bacteria, in the pond, will help consume the decaying matter at the bottom. Using a pond colorant will help reflect the sun’s UV rays from the pond and help to keep the pond water cooler.   

By using this proactive approach to pond care you will be creating a safer more natural ecosystem for your fish and other wildlife to inhabit. A proactive approach will help achieve your long term pond goals! Contact Healthy Ponds today to see how we can help you!