Organic Pond & Yard Care Tips

Whether you are a private homeowner with a backyard pond or a person in charge of caring for golf course grounds or public grounds, opting for organic pond and yard care can be a great option to consider. At Healthy Ponds, we have an assortment of natural pond care and yard care products that are chemical-free, safe, effective and easy to use.


Simplify Pond Care

In general, most pond issues are caused by a drop in oxygen levels, increases in water temperature and an excess of nutrients in the pond, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. These conditions can cause a pond to become stagnant, smelly and accelerate the growth of floating green organic matter, and even lead to fish kills due to a lack of oxygen.


While there are chemical products that can eliminate floating organic matter, one of the easiest ways to maintain water quality in a natural pond or man-made pond is through the addition of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria consume excess nutrients in your pond water and release the waste as a harmless gas.


We also recommend adding an aeration system to your pond as circulating the water better distributes beneficial bacteria and also helps reduce water temperatures. A combination of beneficial bacteria and aeration can be the best line of defense to maintain proper water quality, and once the aeration system is in place, these two steps require little effort on your part.


For instance, we recommend treating your organic pond monthly with our AquaSpherePRO®. With this product, you simply toss the biodegradable spheres into your pond every 30 days, and they provide a steady source of beneficial bacteria for your pond.


At the beginning of your warm season, we also recommend adding a dose of Natural Blast® to the pond. This product also contains beneficial bacteria for ponds. Adding both the AquaSpherePRO® and Natural Blast® ensures that your pond has plenty of bacteria on hand to counter the rising water temperatures. You cannot overtreat a pond with beneficial bacteria, but you can undertreat, so be sure to add enough bacteria to treat the number of gallons of water in your pond.


Natural Blast® also can be added to a stagnant or smelly pond, and you can add Natural Blast® anytime you notice floating organic matter beginning to form on the surface of your pond. Both the AquaSpherePRO® and Natural Blast® are chemical-free, all-natural and veterinarian-approved. These products are safe for fish, wildlife, livestock, pets and people.


In addition to our pond maintenance products, we also have beneficial bacteria products to treat other types of water features including bird baths, rain barrels, fountains, koi ponds, small decorative garden ponds and even fish tanks and fish bowls. All of these products are safe, easy to use and provide you with a  natural way to keep the water clean and healthy.


Natural Yard Care Products & Tips

At Healthy Ponds, we don’t just focus on ponds and water features, we also have several products that can help improve the quality of your lawn and garden – naturally. Our line of Dr. Connie’s Natural Solutions is easy-to-use and environmentally friendly.


Dr. Connie’s Lawn product can be used to improve the root development of your lawn, which ensures a better uptake of nutrients and guarantees a greener and denser healthy lawn. This product is ideal for all ornamental lawns as well as community sports and playing fields.


When it comes to ornamental lawn care, homeowners tend to trim the grass too short, leaving the grass longer, typically between 2 and 3 1/2 inches can improve the quality of your grass. It also can be wise to leave some clippings behind as these clippings decompose and enrich the soil. However, if you have a pond, it can be wise to bag up the clippings around the pond shoreline to prevent excess debris in your pond.


Dr. Connie’s Fruit & Shade Tree also improves root development and can increase the production of blossoms and fruit. Dr. Connie’s Landscaping & Flower improves the health of your shrubbery and flowers, and you’ll notice denser leaf and needle growth, deeper green color and better flowering rates with this natural product.


Enlist Some Insect Help

While some insects can be a nightmare for your lawn and garden, many beneficial insects can improve the quality of your plant life such as ladybugs, honeybees and dragonflies.


Providing sources of water and nectar can be one way to attract beneficial insects. If you intersperse your vegetable garden, adding herbs and flowers in between the veggies, also can help attract beneficial insects.  You also can purchase some insects, such as a praying mantis, ladybugs and other helpful creatures that will feast on the enemies of your vegetable garden.


Add Native Plants

No matter where you live, there are beautiful native plants that will make great additions to your yard. These plants are naturally adapted to your local soil conditions and climate, and they typically are easier to care for than non-native plants. Adding native plants is especially important in drought-prone areas as these plants typically require little water, which will save this precious resource and reduce your water costs.


Create A Compost Pile

Compost provides an excellent source of nutrients for your plants and trees, and it’s not hard to create a compost heap. Simply combine the proper mix of browns (dead leaves, twigs, clean cardboard, newspaper) and greens (kitchen scraps and leaf cuttings), dampen the mixture and add some of our compost accelerator. Dr. Connie’s Compost will speed up the decomposition process significantly, and it can be used in compost heaps or compost bins.


Head outside every few days to mix the compost, add some more of our compost activator, and within just a few weeks, you should have a healthy batch of compost to add to your flower beds and garden soil. Be sure to research which items can be added to compost that will be used for a vegetable garden.


Go Organic Today!

If you want to make the switch to organic pond and yard care, you can purchase our all-natural products online at any time. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about any of our products, and we also offer free personalized water treatment plans for any size water feature at

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