We know, overtime, chemicals can do harm to a pond’s ecosystem and as a company, Healthy Ponds has always strived to find all-natural solutions to enhance and clean pond water. Our all-natural pond products are the result of years of work as a research and development company. It’s science. But it’s also the right thing to do.

Think about it. Anywhere there is water, there is life that will interact with it. It may be humans, fish or livestock exposed to our products and that’s a responsibility we take very seriously. Places around the world are depending on us for results and safety. Worthington Golf Course on our site is one example of our all-natural success.

We can also be found in:

  • City parks
  • Backyard ponds
  • Landscaping fountains
  • Fish tanks
  • Even cranberry bogs

Life happens near water and one of our goals is to keep that life as safe as possible. We care about what goes into the water and the environment as a whole. That’s why we have designed our products to be all natural and safe for fish, wildlife, plants, pets and people.

The Benefits of All-Natural Pond Products

Healthy Ponds is deeply invested in the science behind all-natural products. Over 20 years ago, our company was founded on these principles.

All-natural products are a better alternative to chemicals. Our products contain bacteria and enzymes found in nature. We feature biodegradable and reusable products that are comparable in cost to pond chemicals.

We offer solutions for water problems big and small. We have a variety of all-natural safe solutions to improve water quality and clarity. They increase beneficial bacteria in the water, which consume excess nutrients.

Healthy Ponds’ pond-cleaning products are easy and safe to use. All of our solutions have been designed with ease in mind. Most products are simply applied to the water and replaced monthly. Our all-natural biodegradable products biodegrade over time for more effective application. This also makes them more environmentally compatible.

Healthy Ponds can improve your water. We have an exceptional track record of improving water quality for almost two decades. Healthy Ponds was founded with the mission of creating all-natural safe solutions for common water problems.

How it Works and the Difference from Chemicals

A chemical can be a very effective way to kill algae or weeds. However, that just kills a plant. It doesn’t change the water’s environment. It just temporarily stops the cycle of organic matter until you have to treat again.

With Healthy Ponds all-natural products, we strive to change the water health in a more permanent and sustainable way. We’ve found by using our 3-Step-Process, we can produce great results.

Step 1: First it starts with tossing our biodegradable dispenser into the water. It releases all-natural beneficial bacteria and enzymes. These enzymes consume excess nutrients and keep water clean of green growth. The dispenser itself is made out of a corn-based resin and other starches and it biodegrades over time.

Step 2: Next, we recommend our supplements. They come in pre-measured packets that are water-soluble. These packets help improve water clarity through a proprietary blend of multiple strains and species of beneficial bacteria. It’s just about impossible to over treat your water with our system.

Step 3: Finally, we introduce colorants. They come in two easy-to-use application types including granules and water-soluble bags and give the pond a blue or blackish sheen. These colorants improve the aesthetics of your pond and keep water temperatures lower. Of course, our colorant dyes are all natural.

Solutions for Ponds of any Size

Different size ponds require different size solutions. Check out our all-natural product lines to see which one may be right for you.