Many nutrients can affect green organic matter growth in your pond. Phosphorus accelerates plant life, but when phosphorus levels are too high in your water green organic matter can develop. For ponds with fish, elevated phosphorus levels can endanger the lives of the fish.

Fortunately, there are products and processes that help you reduce phosphorus levels.

Factors That Cause Elevated Phosphorus Levels

There are many causes that contribute to high phosphorus levels in a pond and stream. Some of the common sources of phosphorus come from the following:

  • Fertilizer runoff from agriculture and urban settings
  • Dead organic matter
  • Feces
  • Wastewater treatment facilities

If the phosphorus levels in your pond have gotten to this point, it’s definitely time to look at a solution to lower phosphorus levels.

Phos Negator from Healthy Ponds®

Phos Negator is an all-natural, mineral-based solution that is effective in limiting green organic growth in ponds. Phos Negator negates the effects of phosphorus and makes your water cleaner. Check out the video below to see Phos Negator applied to a pond.

Phos Negator solution binds to phosphates that exist throughout the water column. This causes them to sink to the bottom of the pond rendering them ineffective. When phosphorus is rendered ineffective, it cannot be used to accelerate green organic matter.

Use Phos Negator as needed to reduce phosphate levels. For best results, use Phos Negator once beneficial bacteria has been established in your pond. Healthy Ponds recommends using this in your second month of treatment in conjunction with Healthy Ponds all-natural products. Phos Negator can also be used when green organic matter is present in the pond.

Phos Negator is an all-natural mineral based product that is safe for fish, animals, plants, pets and humans.

Follow up and Maintenance

The cycle of green organic matter is one that continually feeds itself. No matter the solution, nitrates and other organic nutrients will still exist.

To maintain water clarity, we recommend you follow up with Healthy Ponds all-natural products. The beneficial bacteria in the Healthy Ponds products will consume accumulated dead organic matter and nitrates.

Learn Phos Negator complete usage instructions and more here.