Summertime may be waning, but algae growth in ponds is not.

During the end of summer, algae levels can be at a peak due to the high amounts of sunlight during the hottest season of the year.

Too much algae affects the health of a pond, while endangering aquatic animal and plant life. Plus, the excess algae gives off an unpleasant odor.

To help you treat your pond, water feature, reservoir, lake, or irrigation system, we’ve identified common end of summer pond issues and ways to minimize excess algae growth.

Say goodbye to summer, and say hello to a clean pond!

How Hot Pond Water Invites More Algae

The later months of summer during July and August is prime time for algae growth. Just like any other plant, algae grows under direct sunlight.

“Algae are generally photosynthetic, meaning that they use energy from sunlight to make their own food,” states SFGATE Garden Care. “Consequently, shallow ponds are prone to algae problems because more sunlight penetrates into the shallow water. Shallow water also tends to be warmer, and this favors algae growth.”

Here’s what to look out for in your pond during the end of the summer.

  • Less Oxygen for Fish
    When temperatures rise, the level of heat in the pond does as well. More heat equals less oxygen for fish and other aquatic life under water.
  • More Fish Waste & Excess Nutrients
    The fish will also become more active when the weather is hot, which means they will eat more and give off more waste.
  • Perfect Conditions for Algae Growth
    All of that excess nutrients, fish waste, and hot water creates the perfect conditions for heightened algae growth.

Reinstating a balance in the pond will benefit the fish and aquatic plant life. Also, following preventive pond cleaning measures is your best bet to rid the pond of odors and restore water clarity.

Pond Water & Algae Cleaner

Our Algae and Weed Control products* do the trick for maintaining a healthy balance in your pond ecosystem. Keep aquatic plant life and fish happy by controlling your algae levels in pond water during the end of summer.

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*Do not confuse our chemical products with our all-natural products. Healthy Ponds all-natural products are not classified as Algaecides.