Reduce Phosphorus Levels Early and Maintain Your Pond Throughout the Summer

Many nutrients affect green organic matter growth in your pond and phosphorus is one you should tackle early on. As referenced by the Environmental Protection Agency, “phosphorus can lead to water quality problems such as eutrophication.” Reduce phosphorus levels to help keep your pond clean and free of debris.

To recap, one stage of the phosphorus cycle are phosphates. Phosphates are the form of phosphorus that are readily available for green organic matter uptake. When phosphorus levels are too high in your water, you can develop green organic matter. Elevated phosphorus levels can endanger the lives of fish and make for an unappealing pond.

Green Pond Water with High Phosphorus Level in Need of Reducing

Fortunately, Healthy Ponds has developed Phos Negator Bundle Kits to attack phosphate at the beginning of the summer. Then, keep it away with all-natural pond supplies. Here’s how it works.

Establishing a Healthy Pond Cycle in Month One

The moment you prep your pond for the season is the time to establish health. Of course, you should clean the pond, filters and surrounding area thoroughly. It’s also a good time to introduce Healthy Ponds dispensers, supplements and colorants.

These all-natural products introduce beneficial bacteria into the water to break down organic matter that cloud it. The colorant is safe and all-natural too, improving the appearance of your pond and helping keep water temperatures cooler.

With ponds, you never want to wait until a problem exists to address it, when you can work ahead of time to prevent it.

When to Introduce Phos Negator to reduce Phosphorus

We’ve discussed the benefits of our Phos Negator product before in the blog, What to Do When You Find Phosphorus in Your Pond. It is an all-natural, mineral-based solution that is effective in preventing green organic growth in ponds.

Phos Negator solution binds to phosphates in your water, causing them to sink to the bottom of the pond. This leaves the phosphorus ineffective. When phosphorus is ineffective, it doesn’t encourage the growth green organic matter.

You can also use it in the second month of treatment in conjunction with Healthy Ponds all-natural products. For best results apply Phos Negator once water temperature reaches 45°F.

Southern climates should apply before green organic matter forms a top mat. It can also be used when there is existing green organic matter on the pond. Use as needed to reduce phosphorus levels. Phos Negator negates the effects of phosphorous and makes your water cleaner.

Why Bundle?

It’s good to remember that pond treatment is not a one-time thing. Pond maintenance is an ongoing practice. No matter the solution, nitrates and other organic nutrients will still exist.

To maintain water clarity, we recommend you use in conjunction with Healthy Ponds all-natural products.

The beneficial bacteria in the Healthy Ponds products will consume accumulated dead organic matter. When you buy the bundle, you save. And you stand the best chance of reducing phosphorus. Treatment sizes start with the 50,000-gallon kit and go all the way up to 1.5 million gallon pond kit.

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