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Treats 250,000 gallons

Treat Stagnant Ponds and Lakes

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Notice: This product will be discontinued and there is limited stock available. Purchase now while supplies last! Not sure what to purchase instead once it’s all gone? Check out Natural Blast or contact our customer service team for treatment plan assistance. 

Vista® combines a highly selective strain of beneficial bacteria with a proprietary blend of activation factors that work together to treat the top portion of water in stagnant ponds and lakes.

The bacteria and activation work together to restore and maintain ecological balance, reducing odor while improving water clarity and quality. Vista® specifically works on the top portion of the water where oxygen levels are higher.

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Vista® (50007, 50008)

Vista® works for 7 – 10 days it targets organic material on the top layer of the pond before making its way down. Vista® is designed to work in conjunction with the AquaSphere®PRO (sold separately) and when used together it will consume the excess nutrients preventing re-occurring issues. This easy to use product is veterinarian approved and safe for fish, plants, birds, animals, pets and people.

Use Vista® when:

  • Your pond has accumulated floating organic matter
  • You want to start your pond off on the right start for a season
  • You want to give a boost to the AquaSphere®PRO

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Package Options

4 Count Box, 12 Count Box

Direction For Use

Calculate total gallons to be treated:
Length x Width x Depth x 7.5 = Total Gallons
Each bag of Vista® treats 250,000 gallons of water.

1. Calculate pounds of Vista® needed to treat pond: Total Gallons = Total bags for treatment (500,000 gallon/bag)
2. Vista® bags must be placed evenly throughout the water area that is treated.
3. Dosage can be reapplied every 7-10 days for desired water clarity and health.
4. Water temperatures must be over 45°F for maximum effect.
5. For best results, treat early as water becomes stagnant.

Microbial treatment in ponds with low oxygen levels, high water stagnation (no aeration), with high levels of organic matter AND containing high levels of fish populations run a risk of initiating fish death due to low water oxygen levels. It is recommended that ponds stocked with fish be tested for oxygen levels as well as having a source of aeration in the pond prior to treatment with microbials.


Treatment with microbials requires oxygen to establish bioremediation.
Microbial treatments will reduce the water oxygen levels as the bioremediation occurs.
Bioverse’s microbial products are 100% natural, safe, and effective for fish if all ponds as there is enough oxygen for all the fish contained in that pond.
Ponds with high fish levels should have mechanical aeration systems in place as treatment is started for improved results.
Ponds with low oxygen levels should be treated with a water oxygenator prior to microbial application.


Low oxygen levels will produce localized fish death in any pond.
High heat will decrease the oxygen levels in ponds (as water temperatures increase the oxygen levels will decrease).
Ponds overstocked with fish will have lower oxygen levels than a pond that has no fish.
Excess amounts of organic debris will lower water oxygen levels.
Shallow ponds will always have lower water oxygen levels than ponds that are deeper.


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