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Gut Health – Farm Animal


per bottle

Digestive Support

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For use during times of stress to increase and maintain digestive health

May be used preemptively before stress events like transportation, giving birth, etc..for maintaining digestive health.
For simple stomach and pre-weaned ruminant preferred use.

Store away from heat and sunlight.
Use all product within a year of opening seal.

Green Tea and Pomegranate
Extract, and Purified Water

Directions For Use

Water Dilution Method
1-2 oz per gallon of drinking water
TIP: 1 capful for each 20lbs of animal weight 3 capfuls = 1oz
During conditions of low water consumption, use 2 oz per gallon of drinking water or orally dose the animal.
Individual Animal Method
1 oz per 60 lbs of animal weight per day
Can be orally administered, mixed with milk replacer, and etc. Refer to Water Dilution Method for mixing with drinking water.
Use until the stress period is over.
This product is a safe, Veterinarian-approved formulation. Do not under treat.

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