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Algae Control Bundle (250,000 Gallon)


F-30 Algae Control and all-natural system all-in-one. Treat with algaecide first, then maintain best results with dispenser, supplement and colorant.

F-30 is an EPA registered product.

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This 250,000 Gallon Algaecide Bundle Kit includes:
– 1 F-30 Algae Control Gallon (62101)
– 1 AquaSpherePRO 250,000 Gallon (51113)
– 1 Natural Blast 4pk (51131)
– 1 2.6 oz Blue pond colorant (52024)

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Weight 13.56 lbs

Treat only 1/4 to 1/3 of the water body at one time because dying plants reduce oxygen, which can harm or kill fish and other aquatic life. Start each treatment along the shore and continue outward to let fish swim to untreated areas of water.

One gallon of F-30 treats 1 surface acre (about 325,851.6 gallons) of water to 0.1 ppm metallic copper. Apply F-30 when algae first appears and the affected water’s temperature is above 60 F. Mix 5 parts water with 1 part F-30, and coarse spray the mixture from shore on a calm day.

Take the sphere out of the plastic bag it comes in and gently toss it into your pond. The AquaSphere®PRO will sink to the bottom of your pond and will start working within minutes. If you are using more than one sphere evenly distribute throughout your pond.
Repeat this process every 30-days.
1. Use in self-contained ponds and retention areas.
2. Keep Healthy Ponds spheres dry until pond application.
3. Do not use with chemicals or algaecides.
4. Use the proper dose; based on calculated number of required spheres.
5. Treat water over 45°F and under 110°F.

Natural Blast
Toss the water soluble bags of Natural Blast®, evenly throughout the water (near aeration when possible). Product will disperse as packets dissolve. Natural Blast® can be reapplied every 5-7 days for desired water clarity and health. Dosage responses are variable. Use proactively to reduce problems with clarity and stagnation.

– One level spoonful treats 2,500 gallons
– One container treats up to 250,000 gallons
– Application Directions
– Carefully open.
– Disperses best when applied upwind
– Follow label instructions
– Retain usage rate records for future reference.


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