Phos Negator

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Control Excess Pond Phosphorus Levels

High phosphorus levels in a pond or stream can lead to unkempt green organic growth. How can this happen? There are multiple factors that cause elevated phosphorus production.

Healthy Ponds has an all-natural, mineral-based solution to control excess phosphorus levels. Improve water clarity with the Phos Negator solution. Our product binds to phosphates and causes them to sink to the bottom of the pond. The phosphates are then rendered ineffective, and cannot produce green organic matter.

All-natural Phos Negator products are your best chance of reducing phosphorus levels. You may choose between a stand-alone Phos Negator product or a bundle kit, containing a pre-packaged 30 day treatment kit to yield faster results.

Pond treatment is not a one-time commitment. For best results, we recommend ongoing pond maintenance. Our Healthy Ponds Autoship Program makes it easy to receive ongoing shipments of pond treatment products, like singular Phos Negators products.