Algaecide Bundle Kits

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Healthy Ponds has combined an algaecide with our all-natural products to create a bundle option that will yield faster results in killing algae. Use together to effectively treat your pond.

We have conveniently bundled our all-natural products with an algaecide to give you an option that will yield faster results. The algaecide will kill the algae in your pond causing the dead algae to settle at the bottom. The algaecide we have selected is the most compatible pairing with our all-natural products.

After you begin treatment with the chemical product, we recommend you follow up 15 days later with the all-natural products to achieve the best results. Our all-natural products will help consume the excess nutrients that were knocked down to the bottom of the pond by the algaecide. This is necessary or the dead algae will decay and float to the top starting the process all over again. The bacteria that is used in our all-natural products helps to break this cycle. Healthy Ponds all-natural products are not classified as algaecides.