Submitted from the field by Mark and Braden

We are well into the spring and we would like to share some observations from the field.  We are seeing reports of algae forming much earlier this year than last year.  In our area, SW Minnesota, spring was closer to normal than the past two years.  We are warmer and much dryer.  We also had a light winter season.  Our own observation of ponds we treat directly is an early algae growth.  No scientific data here but I wonder that with the last two seasons being cooler and wetter additional nutrients were getting into the ponds and now that we are warmer the algae has a lot of energy available and these are the perfect circumstances for algae to thrive.  When you add up added nutrients, warmer soil and water temperatures, presto algae.

Solutions:  Complete a preventative Captain application. (Call customer service from instructions and cost).  Captain is a Sepro product that is a chelated copper.  When copper is chelated the copper stays suspended in the water column which as a contact killer is much more effective than a straight copper sulfate product.  To apply Captain you must mix it with water, (follow label directions or call our customer service to help) in a sprayer and apply directly to the water.  We would recommend several applications to start treating one third of the pond every 7 days for a total of three treatments.  For larger ponds we like to spray the literal zone around the pond every 7 days as this is the area where the algae start growing on the bottom.  After this initial treatment follow up with our all-natural AquaSpherePro to work on removing the excess nutrients and sludge layer in your pond.

As always if you need some help or additional information please call our pond experts for further details.  We will complete a Pond Treatment Plan for your pond using google earth without any obligation to you.

**Although we are an all-natural company we do realize there are situations that require the use of an algaecide. That is why we have found algaecides that are compatible with our all-natural products. Our all-natural products do not kill algae or weeds.