Similarly to plants, green organic matter in ponds uses energy from sunlight to grow.

Too much green organic matter can be a problem for water clarity in shallow ponds under direct sun.

This was the case for one Healthy Ponds customer. Find out how he keeps his pond clean with our water treatment products.

Pond Water Treatment Testimonial

Owner of Pond with Clear Water

Building a pond from scratch is no simple undertaking. It can take years to plan out the pond and do the landscaping.

“Took about two years for us to get it going,” said one Healthy Ponds customer.

Green organic matter buildup is something pond lovers cannot avoid, especially in warm, sunny conditions. At some point, the green organic matter takes over the pond and gives it an unpleasant appearance.

“My next door neighbor says, ‘What are you doing? It’s getting green again.’”

After many years of trying different pond cleaning products, this customer finally discovered Healthy Ponds. He started out with the AquaSphere®PRO Biodegradable for regular water treatment. This all-natural product introduces beneficial bacteria to reduce excess nutrients that cloud pond water.

“The bottom of the pond is actually almost too clean!”

Building a pond and keeping it presentable tends to be enjoyable process for pond lovers. Switching over to Healthy Ponds made this that much more fun for this customer.

“This is a hobby for me. It makes my hobby enjoyable. I love it. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s fun to come out here and share it with everybody.”

Now, this customer uses three Healthy Ponds products — the AquaSphere®PRO Biodegradable, Natural Blast®, and colorants regularly to achieve water clarity. The pond dye helps to improve the aesthetics of a water feature.

“It’s such an accomplishment that Healthy Ponds has helped me achieve.”

If you’re a pond enthusiast or are interested in getting started, Healthy Ponds can help. To hear this customer’s full testimonial, watch this video.


We Can Help Keep Your Pond Clean Too!

Pond treatment is not a one-time commitment. For best results, we recommend ongoing pond maintenance.

Our Healthy Ponds Autoship Program makes it easy to receive ongoing shipments of pond treatment products. Contact our customer service team to find out more!