For large water features, the AquaSphere®PRO is the best solution to naturally treat your pond. Now through December 31, Healthy Ponds® is running a promotion on AquaSphere®PRO products.

Buy (2) 1 million or 1.5 million gallon spheres and get a 500,000-gallon AquaSpherePRO for free. AquaSpherePRO 6-inch spheres work best when placed in various locations around your pond. And now through the end of the year is great time to buy multiple spheres and save.

Pond Cleaners Designed for Large Water

Large Water AquaSpherePRO Biodegradable 6-inch spheres are designed with a higher concentration of bacteria. These all-natural pond cleaners introduce beneficial bacteria into your pond, help reduce excess nutrients, plus, break down matter that clouds water.

Healthy Ponds recommends placing AquaSpherePROs in multiple locations around your pond. For example, if you have a 1,500,000 gallon pond, Healthy Ponds recommends using one 1,000,000 gallon AquaSpherePRO and one 500,000 gallon AquaSpherePRO. This will produce better results than using just one 1,500,000-gallon AquaSpherePRO. Our current promotion makes it much easier to treat this way.

How to take advantage of AquaSpherePRO Offer

Saving on your large water pond cleaners is easy. On, go to the Large Water AquaSpherePRO page. Add (2) of the 1 million or 1.5 million gallon spheres to your shopping cart. The free 500,000-gallon AquaSpherePRO will be added to your cart automatically, for your convenience.

Stock up, be prepared, and save. Treat your pond naturally and economically by taking advantage of this offer now before December 31. Buy your (2) AquaSpherePRO spheres and get your 3rd for free.

This promotion cannot be combined with Loyalty & Autoship discounts. Offer ends 12/31/18 at 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Prior order will not be adjusted.