Kyle Jenkin had struggled with smelly pond water and weed growth for years. His business had over 300 feet of beachfront. In order to remain successful, it needed to be as pristine as possible.
Unfortunately, the beachfront had a muddy black bottom. Weeds were very thick and green organic matter washed up on docks and paddle boats.

Jenkin Tried Everything

To combat the smelly pond water and weed growth, Jenkin tried everything. At first, he manually pulled weeds out with rakes and other equipment. Then, he bought a big weed cutter. But the results were not great and the labor cost was expensive.

He was losing the battle to excessive weed growth and smelly black pond water. In desperation, Jenkin turned to Arbourdale, a Canadian distributor of Healthy Ponds® products.

AquaSpherePRO to the Rescue

Abourdale introduced Jenkin to the AquaSpherePRO. The AquaSphere®PRO is an all-natural dispensing system that introduces beneficial bacteria into the water. The bacteria reduces excess nutrients. Also, it breaks down organic matter that causes murky and smelly pond water.

The AquaSphere®PRO is contained in a pod that sinks to the bottom. It treats fresh water ponds and lakes for up to 30 days. The spheres are biodegradable, making cleanup safe and easy.
“I was hesitant to say the least,” said Jenkins. “We began treating our beachfront in July. Arbourdale cautioned us not to expect immediate results. By September, the results were obvious.”

Beachfront and Lake Show Improvement

Initially, Jenkin dropped the pods into the weeds and muck along the beachfront. The AquaSpherePRO disappeared into the darkness. Now, the water was clear enough to actually see them.

The black mud bottom was gone and in its place, was sand. Furthermore, the weeds were much thinner and not healthy. Green organic matter on the boats and docks disappeared. Jenkins noted the water was substantially clearer and there was no more odor.

The entire waterfront looked cleaner and more inviting. His lake is 110 acres in size and he was concerned about dilution. “That clearly was not an issue,” said Jenkins. “In four months, Healthy Ponds AquaSpherePRO made a substantial difference to our waterfront. The product really works.”

Learn More About AquaSpherePRO and Healthy Ponds

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Healthy Ponds natural products are not classified as Algaecides. Healthy Ponds has a variety of chemical products that effectively kill algae. These pond chemicals were carefully selected, and most are compatible with our all-natural products. The Healthy Ponds team can help you decide if a chemical or natural, or even a combination, treatment is best for your situation.