The AquaSphere®PRO is an all-natural dispensing system that introduces beneficial bacteria into the water, which reduces excess nutrients and breaks down organic matter that clouds water.

The AquaSphere®PRO sinks to the bottom of your water feature and will treat fresh water ponds and lakes for up to 30 days. The spheres are biodegradable, making cleanup safe and easy. It is made from a corn based resin and as long as there is an organic sludge layer built up in your pond the sphere will break down over time. If there is not a sludge layer you may want to remove the sphere each month and place it in the garbage. This may be the case for smaller backyard ponds and cement water features. 

Unlike other bacterial pond products, the AquaSphere®PRO, has a patented time release technology. This makes for fewer applications as the sphere releases beneficial bacteria over the course of 30 days. It’s as easy as applying a new sphere at the beginning of each month and forgetting about it. When applying the sphere be sure to apply in different locations from month to month.

The sphere will sink to the bottom of the pond consuming the organic sludge built up and throughout the water column. The bacteria will be more concentrated where the sphere is placed and is why we recommend different locations. 

It is safe to begin treatments when the water temperature reaches 45°F, and to repeat treatments every 30 days until the water temperature subsides below 45°F. Also, it is safe to over treat your pond and at times will be recommended. Under treating can, and will likely lead to poor results. Our AquaSphere®PRO is veterinarian approved and safe for fish, plants, animals, pets and people. 

When To Use

  • Pond has a history of dead organic matter
  • Pond has a sludge buildup
  • Pond is producing an odor
  • Low water clarity


  • All natural, safe, and biodegradable
  • Consumes excess nutrients
  • Improves water clarity
  • Easy to use, no mixing required
  • 24/7 time release
  • Great for irrigation ponds