It’s not unusual to see an increase in pond algae this time of year. You may notice a body of water emitting an odor. You may also see changes on the surface of your pond. There are many reasons for this. Healthy Ponds® is here to help explain and offer solutions.

A late spring arrival

Spring arrived unusually late this year, which has likely affected your pond and caused more issues than previous years. Ice stayed longer on the lakes and ponds, this year as well, which means there was more time for plant matter or fish to die off, sink and decay. This decayed matter provides more fuel for algae. Learn more about this process here.

Summer temperature increases

Summer temperature spikes also affect algae. You may not have noticed it yet but may later in the summer. When hot streaks occur, decomposition increases, again providing more fuel for algae. The process of algae blooming, and decomposing is a continuous cycle. This cycle is accelerated when there are spikes in temperature.

Fertilizer and chemical runoff

Another natural contributor to algae is rain. When it rains, fertilizer and other chemicals that have been applied run off. As they run off, they may even pick up things along the way. The runoff eventually finds a home in sitting water, a ditch or your pond. The fertilizer increases your pond’s nutrients. Those excess nutrients increase algae blooms. You may notice a pea soup color or even fish kills.

Bird and animal droppings

Some birds gravitate to water to make their droppings rather than their nest. Smaller birds are generally harmless but geese can be problematic. Geese flock in numbers, increasing the problem. Your pond could be affected by any of a variety of smaller animals too – like rabbits, dogs and cats.

Larger farm ponds, or stock ponds, are water sources for grazing cattle. These stock ponds can become affected too by the cattle’s own manure while drinking.

Healthy Ponds can help

Blooming algae is a cycle. Many things, like the weather, are out of our control, and cause it. But there is good news. A safe and continuous treatment plan can help. If you are experiencing issues with your pond, give us a call 877-948-0303 and talk with one of our expert customer service representatives.

Healthy Ponds natural products are not classified as Algaecides. Healthy Ponds has a variety of chemical products that effectively kill algae. These pond chemicals were carefully selected, and most are compatible with our all-natural products. The Healthy Ponds team can help you decide if a chemical or natural, or even a combination, treatment is best for your situation.